The Society of Legal Scholars Conference

Annual Conference Dublin 2017



SLS 2017 will be held at the Sutherland School of Law on the Belfield Campus of University College Dublin.

University College Dublin has its origins in the mid-nineteenth century under the leadership of the renowned educationalist John Henry Cardinal Newman.  Since its foundation in 1854, the University has flourished and made a unique and substantial contribution to the creation of modern Ireland, based on successful engagement with Irish society on every level and across every sphere of activity.

UCD Sutherland School of Law, the largest and most diverse law school in Ireland, is committed to the development and creation of new initiatives, to enriching the educational environment of its student body, to working in partnership with the practising legal profession and to establishing a major, well-regarded and authoritative presence in the international legal community.  The Sutherland School of Law building was designed with the principles of community and communication in mind.

All the subject sections will take place in the Sutherland Law School, along with the refreshment breaks, posters and publishers’ exhibition.  Lunch will be served in the university restaurant and accommodation will be available in a range of hotels near the campus and also in the city centre.

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